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Kimberlite Assemblers is a Baltimore, Maryland based Electronic Contract Manufacturer providing quality products since 1985.
We offer a comprehensive line of services to those choosing to outsource electronic assembly.

Kimberlite can manufacture and deliver the electronic components you need on time, to specs, fully tested. We do this with over 23 years of experience, a highly skilled workforce, a stringent quality assurance program, qualified vendors and dependable sources of supply. All this will:
  • Reduce your inventory and associated procurement and production cost.
  • Eliminate your need to invest in costly equipment.
  • Eliminate direct labor cost and overhead.
  • Make communication easy as everything is done in the U.S.A.
  • Increase your bottom line.

Call for a quote 410-675-4901 fax 410-675-4927
Kimberlite Assemblers Inc - 113 N. Collington Ave - Baltimore, MD 21231